Grinding wheels in resinoid bond

Resinoid bond (B/BF)

The resinoid bond is a bond type well tailored to the grinding task. In resinoid bonds, resins are used as binders, into which fillers are mixed in addition to the abrasive grains. Resinoid-bonded grinding wheels are characterised by having a good cutting performance and cool grinding. Compared with vitrified bonds, resinoid bonds are known as soft, fast and cool grinding bonds. They have a very wide range of applications.

Depending upon the application, the bonds can be used for either dry or wet grinding. Based on the production methods and the low curing temperatures, grinding tools with resinoid bond are usually the least expensive among the different bond systems. Due to the low curing temperature, they can easily be used for all types of abrasives.


» Diameter 50 mm to 900 mm

» Granular size from F12 to F400

» Optimal process adjustment through:
– Customised grain types and combinations
– Modern synthetic resins
– Optimised filler selection

Selected products from our range

Cut-off wheels up to 80 m/s

KREBS cut-off wheels are special thin discs in resinoid bond without additional reinforcement for the cutting of all types of steel and cast iron as well as non-ferrous metals.

» Diameter from 50 mm to 800 mm
» Width from 0.5 mm
» Narrow width tolerances possible
» Available in all current drill holes
» For dry and wet grinding

Cutting discs without reinforcement are used

» For cutting and tool grinding
» For cutting of low-tolerance grooves
» For the tool industry and suppliers of semi-finished goods
» For cutting (to length) linear guides (manufacturers and distributors)

Cut-off wheels with fabric reinforcement up to 100 m/s for use on stationary cut-off machines.

Cut-off wheels with fibreglass reinforcement can be used on stationary machines with operating speeds up to 100 m/s.
The fabric reinforcement makes these discs more durable and the risk of breaking is significantly reduced.

» For fast cutting procedure (about 7 cm²/s)
» For materials and tools that can not be sawn
» For castings
» For tempered parts
» For geometry-related components
» Diameter from 50 mm to 600 mm

Cut-off wheels with fabric reinforcement are used

» For stationary machines
– Feeding by hand
– Pneumatic feeding
– Hydraulic feeding
» On swing frame cut-off machines
– Attached to crane
– On boom mechanically guided by hand
» In foundries and contract fettling shops
» In the steel industry
» At suppliers of semi-finished goods

Rough grinding wheels without fabric reinforcement

» Diameter up to 900 mm
» Operating speeds up to 63 m/s

Rough grinding wheels are used

» On hand-operated machines straight / two side tapered
» On floor stand grinders
» On swing frame grinding machines

Rough grinding wheels with fabric reinforcement/ compact grinding wheels

» Diameter from 300 mm to 600 mm
» Width from 20 mm to 80 mm
» Operating speeds up to 80 m/s

Rough grinding wheels are use

» On hand-operated machines straight / bi-conical
» On floor stand grinders
» On swing frame grinding machines

In these grinding wheels, normal aluminium oxide, semi-friable aluminium oxide, and silicon carbide as well as zirconium oxide are used as abrasive grain.

Compact grinding wheels have the following advantages:

» High cutting capacity per unit of time
» thus short grinding times

cool cutting and energy-saving work:

» specially for grinding steel ingots, plates, slabs, billets
» and as well as cleaning of steel and cast iron of all grades.