CBN and diamond tools

The toughest abrasive in the world.
CBN and diamond.

Top high-precision grinding of hard iron and steel alloys or hard and brittle materials, the best removal rates and the longest service life are still provided by the hardest materials in the world: CBN and diamond.

Cubic boron nitride, CBN for short, is particularly suited to difficult to machine or high-alloyed hardened steels with a hardness of 54 HRC or more such as high-speed steel, tool or chrome steel, nickel-based alloys, powder metallurgy steels or white cast iron.


» Diameter 3 mm to 900 mm

» Operating speeds up to vc = 200 m/s

» Granular size from 25 µm to 251 µm

» Process adjustment through:
– Various grain types
– Targeted introduction of porosity
– Tailored bond systems


The high proportion of carbon fiber used to form the KREBS
HI-COMP wheel hubs guarantees maximum strength with minimum weight. Depending on the process requirement different sizes are used and this ensures optimal and customized solutions to meet end users specific requirements. Having been under development for over two years the HI-COMP wheel bodies are up to 75% lighter than comparable steel bodies. This not only guarantees easy handling for machine set-up personnel during installation but also dramatically decreases the load on the grinding spindle during grinding.

HI-COMP wheels also provide much better vibration damping
characteristics as compared with conventional steel grinding wheel bodies. This is useful not only for interrupted cut grinding but for standard cylindrical grinding as well. The grinding process due to the changing conditions of contact combined with the abrasive behavior of the HI-COMP body’s superior harmonics is vastly improved and results in improved surface quality on the ground component. This allows, for example, for users to either accept the immediate improvement in ground surface quality or otherwise look to using a rougher grade of wheel that will give faster stock removal and therefore faster cycle times but to retain the finishes originally being achieved; that or of course a combination of both.


» Grinding zones with interruption of cut

» Grinding of smaller intricate parts

» Grinding processes with altering contact conditions

» Higher surface requirements (contact ratio Rmr)