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The innovative bond systems MULTO Green (V86) and MULTO Yellow (V87) complement the already well-proven MULTO Classic (V84) and MULTO Blue (V85) range. Through selective bond modifications, the grinding properties are optimally tailored to the grinding task.

The MULTO range features the following properties:
     » Low bond content = cool grinding
     » Increased porosity at optimal profile retention
     » Operating speeds up to vc = 80 m/s
     » Very good grain integration
     » Increased service life

MULTO Classic (V84)

The universal classic!

» Optimum grinding grain combinations for virtually all tasks
» Wide range for microstructure composition – depending on the size of the contact zone
» High cutting performance
» Optimal price performance ratio
MULTO Blue (V85)

Sintered aluminium oxide provides for high removal rates at stable conditions

» Ceramic abrasive
» Higher stock-removal rate
» Good profile-holding
» More parts between dressing
» Improved life-time
MULTO Green (V86)

The right choice for cylindrical grinding

» Very high cutting performance
» Optimal in angular in-feed grinding
» Cool grinding
» High service life
MULTO Yellow (V87)

Optimum profile retention with increased porosity without sintered aluminium oxide

» Low wear of dressing tools
» Improved profile retention at increased porosity
» Increased dressing cycles
» Excellent price/performance ratio