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Camshaft and crankshaft grinding

The grinding of camshafts and crankshafts places very high demands on grinding wheels. Changing operation and movement conditions in the contact zone makes the feeding in of the cooling lubricant very difficult.

For the best grinding results, it is necessary to customise the grinding wheel specifications; Krebs & Riedelis your partner for the grinding of camshafts and crankshafts.
Valve train components

Valve train components for valve actuators play a role in engine timing and determine the supply of fresh gas and the removal of old gas. These are generally components for series and mass production.

They are subject to high quality requirements. Krebs & Riedelhas productive solutions for the widest variety of grinding applications.


Injection technology

Injection technology plays a key role in today’s engine construction. In recent years, tremendous advances have been made in terms of reduced fuel consumption and emissions reduction.

Manufacturing tolerances of injection components must meet the highest standards. Krebs & Riedelhas grinding solutions for the machining of injector needles/bodies and fuel injection pump components.
Engine turbocharging

Engine turbocharging increases the performance of internal combustion engines. The current trend towards ‘downsizing’ – small engine capacity and few cylinders – makes supercharging by means of a turbocharger an attractive option again.

It has long been standard in modern diesel engines, but for some time now the trend in petrol engines is also moving towards the exhaust gas turbocharger. With the MULTO bond systems, Krebs & Riedelprovides you with general purpose solutions.